Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Haircut and a Sweat Shirt?

Today I gave Mr. I a summer faux hawk haircut. I would have liked to shorten the top a bit more so he could spike it better, but he wanted the top long. But it really doesn't matter too much. Since I cut it myself, we can play around with it without guilt of wasting close to $20 each time he changes his mind.

Do you notice he's wearing a sweatshirt? It got close to 80 degrees today, yet he insisted he wasn't too hot to wear it, even in the middle of the day. He just got the sweatshirt a couple of weeks ago, so in a way I can see his excitement. But I did ask him a couple of times if it wasn't too hot for him to wear it. He insisted he was comfortable. I know he's twelve, but he over responds to some sensory stimuli and under responds to others. Sometimes he gets thirst, hunger, constipation, and overstimulation mixed up. I want him to learn to dress for the weather and have more independence. Fortunately we live in CA, where the temperature is fairly moderate. But what will we do the next few days when the temperature is supposed to be over 90? I watched  a kindergartener across the street yesterday. He brought home a silly book about Uncle Ugby, who can't dress for the weather. In the summer he wears leather and in the winter he goes out in his underwear. I rolled my eyes a bit because Uncle Ugby sounds just like Mr. I!

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