Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Would I Do Without Them?!

What would I do without the support of my family?

Last night really knocked the wind out of me emotionally. Today I was pretty useless. I read half of a book, The Secret Piano: From Mao's Labor Camps to Bach's Goldberg Variations. I did a little housework. I tried to spend a little time with each of the little ones. Mr. I had a football practice. I dropped him off, but he didn't want me to wait around to watch it like last week and arranged for a friend's mom to take them home. I did take him shopping for some socks, but he was a bit detached and wanted to play with friends right after I got him lunch. The same with Ms. D. Her heart wasn't into spending too much time with me. I just didn't have the energy to actively bring either one of them to a healthy attachment with me today. I even cried when I was alone on the way home from dropping Mr. I off at football. The kids probably sensed my weariness.

So when I got home from taking Ms. D shopping, I gave Microbio Daughter some lunch money and asked her to take Ms. D out. Anywhere. And it was wonderful. She took her to a park and Ms. D loved the geese, herons, and dogs. Ms. D named one of the geese Beauty. She told Microbio daughter that when she has kids, she's going to make them walk more. This shows me she had fun, because she is usually so reluctant to walk without a dog at the other end of a leash.

Ms. D befriending the geese. 

Sorry for the sideways picture. Someday I'll learn how to rotate!
Then they went out for lunch and went shopping at the mall. I do not like the mall, and am so glad that they did it together. Ms. D was much more attached when she came back from the sister time. I don't know what I would have done without Microbio daughter. She was able to do what I couldn't today.

Hubby was awesome today too. This morning he delivered bread to a few churches in the area. Some had ways to distribute the bread easily, and so it worked out really well for us that we got a van load yesterday. Hubby wasn't able to get his homework until late Friday evening and it was due early this evening for a class he is taking. We had church at our house last night, and so he didn't have that much time to work on it. He also had a Skype meeting to do some work for a side business. Then he got a call from work. The storm Thursday night knocked the power out and today when they got power back, the computer systems were messed up. Hubby needed to help in some way. Don't ask me what he had to do, it's all Geek to me, but it took time also. Then our neighbor came to our door. There were some honey bees going into his attic through a ventilation hole and were starting to congregate by his front door. Hubby geared up in his bee suit, crawled into their hot attic, and found out the bees were just scouts from a swarm. All he had to do was plug the holes and the rest of them left. My Hubby is just awesome! He was a Superman today in so many ways!

My grandson was also over this afternoon for a few hours, which I really enjoy. As he and my kids came in, I accidentally bumped an almost empty jar of olive oil, and a full jar of fig jam. The glass shattered all over my ceramic kitchen floor. My son and daughter in law helped me sweep and wash the floor. I wasn't doing a very good job, and slightly cut my hand twice. You'd think I'd be smarter about that kind of thing, but I was just so out of it today. Fortunately the rest of the night went smoothly.

Tomorrow is the first Monday after Spring Break. I have a dentist appointment in the middle of the morning. I'm also hoping that the kids and I will be able to start schoolwork and settle back into a schedule. It will be interesting to see how this transition goes. I won't have Hubby or the older kids to help me like they've helped me this weekend. But I'm thankful for all their support. I really couldn't do it all without them!

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