Thursday, May 17, 2012

All Is Well...

Tonight I'm realizing how blessed I am.

Our old social worker had brain surgery today. Her tumor was not malignant and she posted a smiling picture of herself just hours after surgery!

I have an amazing family. My kids get along with each other. When times are tough, the older ones pitch in and support me and each other in so many ways. We are a great team!

I have an adorable grandson. Today we got to play with him, take walks, and snuggle. He helped me water the plants and look at the hummingbirds as they sipped the flowers. There's nothing like a little child to point me to what is important in life.

Grandson Enjoying Being the Center of Attention
Sometimes I need those kind of reminders, especially after going through some rough patches. I can get all wrapped up in dealing with meltdowns, difficulties in homeschool, FASD, finances, and undone housework and forget to take some time out and enjoy the little things. My grandson slowed me down today. I took time to look at the flowers and the hummingbirds, the pond and the airplanes, hear the wind in the trees and the songs of the birds. But looking back, I got a lot more housework, schoolwork, and yard work done because I did slow down. I even had time to cut Mr. I's hair and drive kids here and there. I didn't waste time pacing around the house, putting out emotional fires, and crying or trying not to cry in front of the kids. It's amazing how much time is wasted when I am anxious and my mind is racing. I should make it a priority to spend some time each day to slow down and let God direct me more, because running around like a headless chicken sure doesn't get me anywhere! I have too much to do to not slow down.

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