Friday, May 25, 2012

Court and Birth Family Contact

Today was a pretty eventful day.

I remembered last night to look up the next court date for the Ms. D's and Mr. I's oldest brother who is one of a few of the birth family on trial for murder. I was surprised that today was the day for the next hearing. Perfect timing again! I told Hubby, who decided to take a few hours off to go to the hearing to support the birth family. Ten minutes before he left, he asked the kids if they wanted to go with him. They said yes, because they hadn't seen their brother in nine years, and quickly got ready to go.

It went pretty well, considering Ms. D wasn't speaking to her birth mom, but she overcame her animosity and was civil. Of course, when you act polite towards someone, it becomes harder to hold a grudge, so by the end of the time, Ms. D was speaking to her birth mom again. It actually was a time of reconciliation, since Ms. D's birth mother spoke civilly to her ex-husband for the first time in years. To learn to be polite to those who have hurt you is a hard lesson, and I hope Ms. D will eventually learn it. We told her that she doesn't have to like the person, she doesn't have to trust the person, but she does have to show the courtesy of politely speaking to a person like her birth mom.

As for the hearing, it didn't go so well, but it sure worked out for the kids. The DA wasn't there because of a scheduling conflict, so they had to postpone the hearing until next month. At first they were going to wait until September, but that is a long time from now and they have been in jail for nearly three years already. So much for the right to a speedy trial! It makes me wonder how broken our criminal justice system is, that they brought everyone there, the defendants, lawyers, judge, guards, family, etc., only to tell everyone to come back another day. Isn't there a better way to handle this? When they realized the scheduling conflict, couldn't they notify everyone by email, phone, or letter and not take up court time and space? No wonder it's been taking so long!

But actually, this all worked out for the kids. Next time they are going to show the surveillance video from the altercation and I don't want Ms. D or Mr. I to see that kind of thing. Ms. D had a hard enough time seeing her brother in shackles, and cried when she came home. But I'm glad the kids got to see their brother, since I have no idea how long it will be before they can see him again.

Hubby took the kids' birth mom to her home and picked up another brother to hang out at our house this afternoon. I let them spend some time eating together while I finished walking the dogs. Right now Mr. I is playing ball with his friends and his brother. Ms. D is in her room. I don't know why she isn't with them, but she doesn't want to talk about it. She probably took offense at something, but it is probably good that she is in a quiet space right now. She can't handle too much excitement. I am concerned that she will start seizing again because of all the excitement today.

I picked up some food this afternoon to give out. Hubby is out now delivering the food to a men's group home and a daughter of a missionary friend who has been having health problems. It's been so fun to have the food pass through our hands and bless so many. The man who runs the group home said that the food was arriving just in time. Isn't that just like something God would do?  Sometimes we don't see how we'd ever get through a situation, and at the last minute a door opens, a friend calls to encourage, or provision comes from unexpected places just when you are about to lose hope. I should remember this the next time I get to worrying, since worrying comes so naturally for me!

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