Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gaining a Daughter

Today I went to our pastor's son's wedding. My pastor and his wife had only sons until today, when they gained a daughter. They were so happy!

It reminded me how I have also gained two daughters through their marriage to my sons. I'm so blessed to have them in our family. Tomorrow one of them is having a birthday and I'll get to see her again. I can't wait! I love them both dearly and don't see them nearly enough.  It's a real balance to love up on them, yet give them the independence young adults thrive on. I'm still learning how to be a good mother in law!

Oh, and since I got all dressed up for the wedding, I thought I'd take a picture of myself. Of course the lighting is horrible, and I could only get a head shot holding my phone, but there aren't many times I get dressed up. I really need to make more dresses that fit my curves. Nothing in the stores fits me well enough. The dress I wore tonight was bought online and was a bit spendy, at least by my standards. I'll have to take the plunge and learn to adjust a pattern to fit. If I can do it, I'll wear dresses more often!

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