Monday, May 28, 2012

Green Mama's Birthday

It was one of my daughter in law's birthday today. I'll call her Green Mama for now, since I think that's what she said she wanted to be called. If not, I'll change her name, but Green Mama fits. She loves to do things naturally, cloth diapers, organic cotton, earth friendly soaps, and lately organic, vegan food. I really like that she is trying to be more environmentally conscious. It should be good for their health. As long as she prepares most of her food and cleaning supplies, and I help her out with the sewing and cloth diapers, it should be less expensive, especially in the long run. Yes, you might spend a little more now, but months and years down the road good food and doing things that are easier on the earth will save money and doctor visits. Junk food is cheap, but what does it do to our arteries and digestion over the years? I wish I could have done more to get my younger kids to eat healthy. They lived on junk food before they came to our home, and they refuse to eat a lot of the healthy food I try to give them. I like it that Green Mama is helping my grandson to eat more vegetables and fruits while he is young, because it sure is hard to change eating habits once they are established.

We had a little birthday party for Green Mama today. I grilled garden burgers and cheeseburgers. Hubby loved the garden burgers, but my kids wouldn't try them. Oh well, maybe they will someday.

Happy Birthday, Green Mama

What a Cute Family

Grandson Taking a Walk

Riding On Auntie's Shoulders

Looking at Trees While Taking a Walk

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