Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ms. D!

Today was Ms. D's fourteenth birthday!

I can't believe she is that old. Wasn't it just a little bit ago that I was able to carry her and her brother at the same time? Wasn't it yesterday that her favorite song was the Disney Happy Birthday Song, and she sang along, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy, Happy Birthday to you? I think someone did a switch on me and replaced a girl with a young woman.

I'm going to start out with the last part of her birthday because it is what I most want to remember.  Ms. D's friend joined our family. Ms. D opened presents and really liked the book of dog careers I gave her. Her siblings gave her flowers, ear rings, and a Niners mug. We had cheesecake and since I was so unprepared, we had just one candle for her to blow out. But at least we had one!  Before that, we at out at our neighborhood Chinese food place. They know that Ms. D likes chicken chow fun, and Mr. I likes Mongolian Beef. The rest of the family changes what they order, but the kids are so consistent that I think the waiter writes the order down before the kids even say what they want.

Though the horse class started out rough, the kids really enjoyed themselves once they got to work with the horses and ponies. They got to learn how to lead a pony today.
Mr. I Leading a Pony

Ms. D Leading a Pony

The beginning of the day was awful. I don't know if it was because of Ms. D's birthday, the fear of the horse class, or a combination of the two, but Mr. I had numerous meltdowns. So did I. I think I cried three or four times today, it was so intense. He said he was too sick to go to the horse class, but he wasn't. He picked on his sister until she cried too. It was intense. It's interesting how fear looks like anger or rebelliousness in him.  I'm glad he finally recovered and overcame that fear.

Despite the rough start, Ms. D had a good birthday. I played the Disney Happy Birthday song for her and she reminisced about the time when she listened to that song over and over. She was remembering the good times when she first came to our house. Hopefully, we will all just remember the good times we had today and not the difficulties.

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