Monday, May 14, 2012

It Wasn't All That Bad

Mother's Day was a success at our house yesterday. It had to be one of the best ones in years. There were no meltdowns. Mr. I did complain about a sick stomach on the way to his football games. He moaned that he was too sick to play and had on the most pitiful sick face, but I didn't buy it. He wasn't sick when he played with his friends, or while we were at home with Hubby, but saved his drama performance for when Microbio Daughter and I were alone in the car with him. To say the least, it was an interesting ride to the game. As soon as he got there, he played well and the sickness miraculously vanished.

Mr. I's team won both games, which helped with his confidence. I hope he will be less anxious next week.

On the way home from the games we stopped at the store and I got some potato salad, bread, and chips to round out our dinner. The chips were Mr. I's idea. He thought I should have some for Mother's Day. I'm not especially fond of chips, but he is. I thought it was pretty cute. It reminded me of one of my cousins whose sons gave her a couple of freshly caught fish for Mother's Day.

When I came home, I grilled some thin steaks and made some green beans, and put them on the table with some grapes. The grilled thin cut steaks were great. I had bought the thinner cuts because they were just marked down. I had never bought them this way before. My family likes their meat well done, so the meat cooked more quickly, and was easier to eat.  The thinner portions went farther. The meat we ate cost less than $9.00, and we had leftovers too.

The rest of the night I was fighting a headache, so I just read and rested. Microbio Daughter gave me The Help movie, but she had already given me such a wonderful gift by helping me with the kids this weekend. She has such a quiet, calm, strength about her. She's the kind of person I would want to be around during a disaster, and this weekend could have been a disaster, had she not been there to calm Mr. I and Ms. D. She brought her sister to the mall, where I do not like to go, and came with me to her brother's game. She is one of those people who often go unnoticed until you realize that you couldn't have made it without them.

My sons called, and Blackbelt Daughter gave me a special gift that will be a secret until we can arrange it. I am so blessed to have such an awesome family!

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