Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. It started Friday around midnight when Hubby picked up a food delivery from a local store to give to the needy in the area. Since there were so many perishables, he had to pick up some ice. While he was doing that, I packed the freezer and refrigerator so things wouldn't spoil before Hubby could deliver them the next morning. I'm so glad I had cleaned the refrigerator out earlier in the week. I just wish I had time to clean the freezer out too. I've been trying lately to eat as much of our own food as we have stored. It doesn't matter how much money I have saved by buying on sale if food goes to waste.

In the morning I did a few loads of laundry and cleaned the house a bit. Later, while I took the kids to the horse class, Hubby delivered food to different people and groups. He also prayed for people while he was out. The kids did better at the horse class than the previous classes. They are slowly getting used to the routine, and do just fine as long as I stay a bit of a distance away. Microbio daughter came with me, so she was able to take some pictures while I watched from afar. 

Saturday afternoon we had a family picnic. It was so good to get together with all the kids and their families. Of course it wasn't all smiles. Mr. I had a hard time because he had it stuck in his head that if he didn't have his birth brother or a friend there, he would have a miserable time. Of course, he had a better time than he would admit, but the intermittent whining was a bit much for me after I had so little sleep the night before. I'm so glad we got together as a family, though. It didn't take much preparation, and it was a beautiful day to get out. The park we chose wasn't too crowded and was only a couple of miles away from our house. Everyone, except maybe Mr. I at times, had fun.

We ate, played bocce ball, played on the playground, relaxed, and talked. I hope we will be able to do this again soon.

After all that, we went to church. By then, I was exhausted from a lack of sleep, a busy schedule, and a really rough week with the kids. We left as soon as we could, and collapsed in bed when we got home. Saturday was a full day! I think I have enough for one post and will continue Sunday's activities on another.

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