Sunday, May 6, 2012

Packed Weekend

This weekend was packed with fun, work, and family.

Friday evening's excitement was a local school carnival. Ms. D was supposed to meet up with a neighbor and help take care of her boys. I had to go there after awhile and find Ms. D and help her connect. I could tell by her face that she was overwhelmed by the crowds and loud music  blaring over speakers. It probably wasn't a good idea for me to leave her there in that state, because she ended up finding an old school friend and walking in another direction after the carnival. She didn't call until after Hubby and I walked and drove through the neighborhood trying to locate her. When we did, Hubby had a good talk about safety and giving us a call to let us know where she is. After all, a teenage girl was kidnapped not far from us a couple of months ago and hasn't been found yet. It's kind of nice that the friend's parents were in complete agreement. A couple of years ago, our distress would have been chalked up to us being overprotective homeschool parents. Now, we don't have to explain that Ms. D has FASD and is MR. There are many parents near us who are even more protective than we are.

Saturday morning was horse class. Ms. D loved it from the beginning, but Mr. I was sullen until he got to pet and feed the horses carrots. Microbio daughter came with us, which is good in case I need someone else to take them to one of their classes. If Hubby doesn't have too much homework, I might ask him to come with me. I'm getting pretty tired of Mr. I's stubbornness at trying a new activity. I hope and pray he will act better next time.

Horse class

Ms. D and Mr. I with the ponies

Mr. I feeding a pony
We then got the kids food because we had a few errands to do before coming home. Now this can be tricky because Ms. D is so picky! We went to one of the few places she would eat but Mr. I refused to order anything. He was hungry and thirsty, and unfortunately was past the place of being able to think straight. I ordered for him and then ordered him to eat. He did, and got his brain back.

Later we picked up bread that Hubby delivered to a few churches and people in the neighborhood. Then it was off to church. Both kids were so exhausted, they fell asleep for most of the time.

Today Hubby picked up and delivered more bread while I took a walk with a friend. Then we worked on the back yard. It needed so much work, and we needed to get it to a half way decent state before we could get approved to puppy sit. I've been working on it, but I needed help. Thanks, Hubby and Microbio Daughter!

This afternoon was Mr. I's foot ball games. They won both of them this week so Mr. I was very happy. I spent the time alternating between watching and reading a book.

Football game

This evening, we went to visit our grandson and his family. My daughter-in-law is Filipino, and so after playing with Grandson, we went out for some yummy Filipino food. We topped it off with some halo halo, which is a drink with ice cream, shaved ice, sweet beans, fruit, and other chewy things. It was so good. This picture is after we took the taro ice cream off the top, so it's not quite as pretty, but I love the intent look of Grandson. He sure loves halo halo!
Grandson eyeing the halo halo
This evening I helped a neighbor lay out a bit of sod. It really is a two person job. I did it myself once when I had to get the front yard finished by a certain time after building our house. Hubby had just had minor surgery, so I ended up doing most of it myself, with a little help from my kids. It is a dirty, hard job, so I just had to help my neighbor. While I was doing that, Hubby was moving one of the hives to a woman's house in exchange for a share of the honey. We don't want more than two hives here, but we have over a dozen people who want hives at their homes. I thought it would be difficult to find homes for bee hives, but that hasn't been a problem. Hubby also delivered some more bread to a mens' shelter tonight.
Just a fraction of the bread delivered this weekend

They were very pleased with the food. We now have a number of churches, neighbors, and shelters who will accept food. It didn't take long for us to find a home for hundreds of loaves of donated bread this weekend. We thought that would be difficult, but it hasn't been a problem either!

I'm starting to see a pattern here! The things that I think will be difficult are really working out. I need to trust that God will take care of my kids. It seems like such a difficult thing, to raise them with all the problems they've had to face. But God has a way of helping us to navigate through seemingly impossible situations. It's not always the way I'd imagine or hope, sometimes it's pretty rocky, but it's always much better in the end.

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