Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday's Happenings

Sunday was full of activity too.

Hubby delivered the last of the bread and bananas to a couple of neighborhood churches to distribute. He then took Ms. D to a guide dog puppy training class while I did a little more work around the house, trying to get things cleaned up after yesterday's activity.

Mr. I's flag football game was next. He has been complaining of various aches and pains before each game, only to have the pain disappear when he started playing. Yesterday he complained of a sore knee, and really did sit out of the game for awhile, but it didn't seem to bother him once he got started.  He cries wolf so much, I sometimes worry I will ignore a real injury. He'll limp when he thinks I'm looking, but the limp suddenly goes away as soon as he sees my attention is on something else. Here he is catching a touchdown pass. He's number seven in black. Does this look like a kid with a knee injury to you?

Sunday afternoon was solar eclipse time. So we made a pinhole viewer and looked at the shadow of the moon cross the sunlight.

Finally, the kids were interested in a science learning opportunity. At first they weren't, and it was difficult to get them to walk outside the door. But after awhile they noticed something. They noticed the eerie lighting of the sun being almost completely blocked by the moon. Then they were interested. I am such a science and art geek and wish they would catch on, but it takes a lot to grab their attention. The solar eclipse was the one thing that caught their attention.

Some neighbors came outside also, and showed us the interesting shadows of the sun shining through some leaves on the side of the house.

I'm glad that after the eclipse watching, supper, and a quick walk to the store, I had nothing else planned for the day. I was starting to get a headache, and so I tried to lie down and read. Of course, as soon as I was horizontal, the kids started filing into my room with this problem or that problem. It still makes them a bit uneasy when I don't look like I'm on top of things. Yes, moms get tired and need to rest too. Someday they'll learn to let me rest. Everyone will be much happier. Really!

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