Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Third Horse Class

Well, Mr. I finally, finally, started to have fun at the horse class, but nobody let him know that. The anticipation and lead up wasn't pretty. Of course the anxiety was exacerbated by a bit of constipation. I don't think he drinks as much as he needs in this hot weather. He sometimes gets his signals crossed in the sensory areas and doesn't realize he is hungry or thirsty and I have to remind him to eat or drink. I remember when I worked in a nursing home, the CNA class teachers told us that dementia can be increased with constipation, in addition to too much medication and other causes. I didn't quite get it then, but I sure do now. Mr. I doesn't have dementia, but he is on edge emotionally. So when he's thirsty, tired, or needs to go to the bathroom he can regress. And he sure regressed today!

But during the horse class, Mr. I participated, asked questions, answered questions, and in general showed his charming self to the instructors! He had fun!

Mr. I Tying a Quick Release Knot

Ms. D Tying a Quick Release Knot

If you don't see the above video, it's on youtube. Video Link
So tonight Mr. I is happy. He even did some of his English for tomorrow!

Ms. D went to the local middle school open house with a friend and decided that she is much better off homeschooling. She told me she would have been getting into a lot of fights. I don't know about the fighting thing, but I do know that she wouldn't be able to handle all the stress. After all, we keep things pretty calm and slow paced here for her and it still gets too stressful sometimes. But it's good for her to see it for herself.

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