Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whose Vision For My Kids Am I Looking At?

Tonight was our large homeschool parents' night out. I am so glad I made it. It was more encouraging than I had expected.

Tonight the leaders of our group spoke on Homeschooling With the Holy Spirit. One funny aside is how the husband told of his church background. They believed in the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Scriptures. It was good to have someone with that background to teach about being lead by the Holy Spirit to such a spiritually diverse group. We are all Christians, but we come from such differing backgrounds.

The main point was to be led by God in whatever we do. They encouraged us that, "God's Spirit is not a method to accomplish our agenda for homeschool. Homeschooling is a method God uses to accomplish His purposes in the lives of our kids and family."

There were other good points, like asking God how He made our kids and adapting the schooling to that. Another was to encourage our kids to go to God with their pain. Wow! That sure hit me with all my kids are going through lately. We were also encouraged to spend time alone with God and listen to what He would say to us about our kids. We also had time to practice that and write down what we felt in our hearts. And finally, they suggested we help our kids to learn to hear God by giving them time to be quiet and ask God for a picture.  These were just a few of the things I'd like to put into practice in our home.

But what really hit me this evening was a story they shared of their own lives. They, too, adopted their kids. One of their children had been acting out lately. I was able to identify with that! The mother was worrying about how her child's behavior could lead to some pretty awful things if it continued into adulthood, and she was worrying about him ending up in prison some day. That really caught my attention because I've also worried about jail, teen pregnancies, drug use, and whatever else the statistics and my fears led me to believe. So what the woman said next brought me to tears. She asked God about her son, and she felt God speak in her heart, "You have bought into the enemy's vision for his (her son's) future. You need to have My (God's) vision for his future."


I realized I've been looking at the wrong person's vision of the future for my kids' lives. I have looked at their behaviors, listened to the enemy, and began to lose hope. Yes, there will be a time when my kids will make choices for their lives, but God's vision is so good. I need to ask Him what it is, and see my kids as God sees them, not down to what the enemy would like to drag them. God loves them even more than I do, and I need to help them to see that. He has a vision for their lives that is so beautiful, and I need to pray that they will head in that direction. May God help me to show my kids His love for them and that I not lose sight of His vision for their lives.

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