Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Can I Rest a Bit Now?

Wow! I think I need to take a breath and slow down a bit this evening.

The day started with the plan to drop Hubby off to his dentist appointment while I returned some leftover celery that we just couldn't find homes for during our normal food delivery. When I started to back out of the driveway, I noticed that the car was acting a bit sluggish. It wasn't the parking brake, it was a flat tire. So we transferred the box of celery into the van and continued on our way.

Next was a meeting with the regional center for Ms. D. It was good that Hubby came also, because it was pretty emotional for me. The regional center needs more info and more tests for Ms. D to see if she will qualify. I was a bit put out that they assumed that because she was home schooled, she wasn't being socialized. Anyone who knows anything about the home schools realize that most people don't sequester their kids in the house 24/7. One question they asked is if she went out into the community for walks, to friends, to the store, etc. at least once a week! How clueless can people get! Despite that, the meeting went fairly well, though I don't think the people there understand how FASD affects the brain. Just because people who have FASD can talk well doesn't mean they don't have some major deficits in other areas. All you have to do is look at some of the statistics, and you will see the need for a lot of support, which is now mostly filled by the criminal justice system.

The meeting was a bit stressful for Ms. D. She doesn't like talking about her life. So to lighten things up on the way there, we started to look around for humorous people on the road. I told her about how earlier today, I saw an old, beat up pickup with a makeshift tow bar and a scruffy guy behind the wheel. I told her it looked a lot like Mater in the Cars movie. Then we saw a middle aged guy in a convertible Corvette rocking out, singing, and seat dancing as he was driving next to us. Ms. D spotted a woman curling her eyelashes as she was changing lanes to go on an off ramp. We laughed and laughed! I hope Ms. D remembers this as one of her "good times"! While at the regional center, we saw an old friend that Ms. D knew when she first came to our home. It was really good to reconnect. Of course we talked awhile. Ms. D was getting pretty hungry by the time we finished, so we headed on over to an In and Out, which was her choice for lunch. She earned it!

The tire was still flat on our other car when we arrived home. The tire fixing fairies were slacking on their jobs, so after Hubby put the spare on, I went to the tire store. I spent a couple of hours in the waiting room, reading and trying to ignore the bizarre daytime television offerings.

On the way home, I visited Blackbelt Daughter at her studio and then got some jars so I can make some jam tonight or tomorrow morning. After I came home, the newly widowed mother of my neighbor stopped by. She, her mother, and grandson were waiting for my neighbors to come home from work and so they waited at our house. It was good to talk.

When they left, I started dinner. Ms. D and her friend had been waiting all afternoon for me to dye their hair, so I did it while I was making spaghetti. Despite my multitasking, their hair turned out pretty well. I wouldn't recommend trying that again, but I got away with it this time.

So now that everything has settled, I'm trying to figure out if I should attempt to make some jam tonight. The next few days are supposed to be scorchers, so it would probably be a good idea to do it while it's still relatively cool.  I just need to get my "get go" going one more time. We'll see if I can, or if I just vegetate on the sofa.

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