Saturday, June 16, 2012

Date with Hubby!

Hubby and I went out on a date yesterday! I'm sorry to say that we haven't done something like this in ages. Well, we've gone to some of our older kids for dinner, we went to meetings and called them dates, or we've gone shopping together. But doing something fun and out of the ordinary? We just have been too busy and distracted. That's not something I'd recommend!

So on this first official date in a long time, we went up to Sausalito to go on a sailboat ride with Ohana Sailing. I grew up sailing and racing, and hubby has been boating since he was a kid too, so it was pretty nostalgic. Of course, sailing in a large boat under the Golden Gate Bridge and around San Francisco Bay is a lot different than the little boats I've sailed on Midwest lakes! The views were beautiful! The wind was a bit stiff at times, so there was just enough splashing to make it fun.

Heading Out
If you are wondering why we were all bundled up when it was so hot in San Jose, it's really cool on the bay! I had on a hat, fleece coat, and my rain jacket, and I was comfortable! I was really glad for the jacket because a few waves splashed on board. Hubby had a special cover for his camera, so we didn't have to worry about ruining it, though there were a few water spots on the pictures.

Sailing Toward San Francisco

Hubby Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Happy Girl!

 After sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, we sailed past San Francisco and around Alcatraz and Angel Island. The skipper and his wife were so knew so much about the history of the area, the America's Cup race and sailing in general. It brought back so many memories of racing. I'm so glad we went!
By the Bay in Sausalito
After sailing, Hubby and I walked about town, looking at art galleries and cute shops. I've never been to Sausalito before. We've always whizzed by on the highway. Every time I go to an art gallery or museum I get inspiration to do more creating myself.

One gallery in particular was full of art I really liked. The owner of the store was a lady from Venice, and loved to talk about the different artists and pieces. Hubby liked the t-shirts that were dyed with chocolate at a specialty t-shirt shop. Unfortunately, none were manly enough. I guess most people think chocolate is a girl thing! I loved the jewelry at one shop that was cast in leaf and flower shapes, a bit like my wedding ring. The jewelry was a bit spendy, but beautiful. Maybe casting jewelry something I'd like to try my hand at some day, as if I need another arts and craft thing to do! Hubby can do the stones, and I can do the metal. That might be another idea for us to do something together.

For dinner, we looked around for something the kids wouldn't like to eat. We settled on Thai food. Hubby had a seafood plate and I had chicken and spinach with a peanut sauce. We also splurged on deep fried coconut battered sweet potatoes. Wow, they were good!

We then walked around town to work off the food and came across a concert in the park. Here is just a taste of the event.

Doesn't all this look fun? Even though we probably won't be able to splurge like this for awhile, I think I'll have to make it a priority to spend more alone time with the man I love.

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