Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Away

Not many would think that manning a booth at a homeschool conference would be energizing, but that's just what happened to me this weekend. I love encouraging people and talking with others about one of my passions. One woman remarked how cheery I was. That's because I loved what I was doing and it was so different from my day to day routines. I should remember to do something outside of the usual from time to time so that I can be refreshed. It wasn't completely restful physically, because of the long hours, the difficulty sleeping in a hotel room, and the long drive home. But it was restful emotionally and psychologically. So even though I am tired today, I am cheerful and content.

There were so many interesting people! I enjoyed talking to the missionary woman from Indonesia, the young father with three preschoolers who was checking out homeschooling, the couple from HSLDA who were expecting their first child, and the lady from a PSP who was rushing to put her booth together before she had to speak. A military mom came, confidently shaking my hand, and told me all she was doing for record keeping. She is so conscientious, she has been doing more than what is required by law to homeschool in our state. It was good to reassure her that she was doing fine.

People were so diverse! There were people of all nationalities, many different Christian communities, and people who had one child and others who had many. There were some women with head coverings and long skirts, and others in jeans. There were babies, young parents, teens, and grandmas. There was really more diversity than you would find in most churches, yet people were kind, loving, and encouraging toward each other.

One of the highlights of the two days was sitting in a booth next to a retired couple who had fostered and adopted medically fragile children. It was good to share stories of raising kids like ours with someone else who could really understand and not pass judgement. Sometimes even the best of parenting cannot erase the brain damage, past trauma, and mental illness that some of these kids come with. There are those who would quote Titus 3:4-5 and judge those who have taken children into there homes, raised them the best they could, yet the kids don't "turn out right". So talking to the couple next to me was refreshing, because they've walked the walk that I may have to walk in the future, yet they still have a love for their children and a heart for God and people.

It was a good weekend. I had fun. The house was clean when I came in the middle of house church. My two older daughters worked hard, cleaning and making banana bread. Ms. D draped herself over me when I sat down to the last few minutes of church. We had a number of new people, including another lady who homeschooled! I just couldn't get away from homeschoolers!

Hubby had gone to the neighbor's surprise birthday the evening before, talking to others with Asperger's and encouraging them. He found more people at the party in need of food, so when he delivered food yesterday morning he included them on his route. He also went to another neighbor's father's memorial service, representing our family. He said the music was beautiful, and Bob's two children shined in sharing their memories of their father. I wish I could have been there.

Oh, and last night about 1:00 I got a call from Mr. I. He had gone to a friend's house in a town about twenty or so miles from here and got sick. Well, all three boys in the house were sick with food poisoning at the same time. They think it was the Slurpies they drank earlier in the day. So even though I couldn't walk straight, I drove down to pick him up. He was chatty on the way back which kept me awake. It was interesting to see all the police on the freeway and overpasses checking for drunks. One group of about four police cars had a few guys sitting at the side door of a van. Mr. I told me he saw another young man who was stopped that looked like he was having a sobriety check. The police were sure busy! I've always told all my kids that if they ever feel uncomfortable with something at another house, are at a party where there is drinking and don't have a sober ride home, or even babysit and the parent driving them home is drunk, to call me and I will pick them up. I'll even pick their friends up and take them home. I'd much rather wake up in the middle of the night and pick people up at a house, instead of going to a morgue, a hospital, or a police station.

So today I'm tired, but happy. Maybe I'll take a bit of a nap.

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