Thursday, June 21, 2012

Going to a Guide Dog Puppy Event

Tonight the guide dog puppy raising group had a picnic, and I was able to make it this time. I forgot to take pictures! I enjoyed talking to people about their experiences, and they gladly answered questions.  The dogs behaved themselves pretty nicely. This kind of event is part of their training. It was good to see Ms. D interact with the dogs and with the other people there. She talked to people, which is a pretty big thing for her. Usually she is pretty shy with people she doesn't know. But I think their connection with dogs helped break down the barriers.

A week from today we will be having a yard inspection. I'm glad that the lady who is doing our inspection seems more at ease and helpful than the other leader. I hope it goes well. At least we don't have school and it is supposed to be a bit cooler, so we can spend more time getting the yard ready.

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