Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grandson Time!

The past couple of days have been good. They have been good because I have been watching my grandson while his Green Mama helps her mama with her dog. He's had a great time here, especially looking at the planes. When he is outside, he points to every plane he sees, which is every few minutes since we are near the flight path of San Jose Airport.

Grandson Pointing to Another Plane
And even better, at least to Grandson, today was garbage day. He loved watching the garbage and lawn debris trucks! He squealed with delight! It doesn't take much to entertain this little guy!

Green Mama has been teaching Grandson sign language. He's picking it up pretty quickly. So now he's learning ASL, English, and Tagalog. I'm so glad he is being exposed to different languages. Even though it might slow him down at first, it will be good for his language development in the long run.

I also made a prefold diaper out of bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp today. Green Mama will wash it at home so that we can see how much it shrinks and then I'll make more. Grandson is quickly growing out of his old diapers!

I am so glad I'm able to spend time with Grandson. We are getting ready for a yard inspection for guide dog puppy raising. It was supposed to happen tonight, but will be tomorrow or this weekend. I didn't realize how stressful inspections still are for me. I had such a bad experience years ago when we had a surprise inspection because of a false accusation of abuse. The whole family, except for our two young foster kids, either had the flu or were just recovering and so the house fell apart a bit. We also had relentless rain which filled the pond up again that Hubby had drained, which was a big problem with the inspector. Oh, and Hubby had set up a tent in the living room so that the kids could be prepared for a coming camping trip. I was too exhausted from the flu to function. It didn't help that the kids freaked out every time they saw me lie down, keeping me from healing more quickly. So the inspection, which happened at the worst possible time, was pretty traumatic for me. So now, just the thought of having any kind of inspection causes so much anxiety. Hubby is understanding, though. I asked him if I can just go somewhere else while the yard inspection is happening, and he said he'd handle it. I don't expect any problems, but it's good for me to know I don't have to face that fear. Someday I know I'll need to deal with it. I just am not ready at this point. I'll just enjoy my grandson instead!

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