Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Horse Class

Yesterday was Ms. D's and Mr. I's last horse class at Victory Ranch.

After all the fussing the first couple of weeks, the kids both enjoyed themselves the more they got to work with the horses. They went from sullen, pouting, and disrupting the class, to smiling, participating and even giving Ms. Pat a hug. Mr. I even asked to come back sometime to visit  Dunnit, the horse he rode and came to love.
Ms. D, With a Big Smile, Riding a Horse
 Mr. I and Dunnit
Kids and Horses Graduates and Volunteers
In the evaluation for the class, one of the questions asked about any improvements in their behavior outside of the class. When talking about it with Hubby, I realized that not only did the kids overcome their fears about participating in a class with people they didn't know and working with large animals, but Ms. D has not had a pseudo-seizure since the class began, despite very emotionally charged incidents with the birth family. I also hope they learned that trying new things can be fun.

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