Monday, June 25, 2012

Only Six Months Until Christmas!

Today a friend posted on her Facebook page that there are only six more months until "ho ho ho"! Reading this is sending me into a mild panic. If I'm going to make many of my Christmas gifts this year I'd better start now, or I'll really regret it later this year.

So I put aside the major cleaning, sorting, and organizing for a couple of hours so that I can get some sewing done. Maybe if I work on Christmas gifts a little each day, I'll be able to get projects finished. I've already decided to set aside about half an hour a day for yard work, and it has really helped to get the outside areas more under control. I'm trying to do the same with organizing. Work tends to be easier in the long run if I work on things a little at a time, rather than tackle these type of projects all at once. I don't get as burned out. I can't sprint a marathon, but I can easily walk it in a week.

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