Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perfect Day for Solar Power

Today is the perfect day for using the sun! One of the perks of living in California is that we get a lot of sunshine. I wish we had solar panels for electricity, but they are out of our budget right now. But we do have a Sun Oven, a clothes line, and little solar lights for the front yard.

I got a replacement Sun Oven for Christmas, and I'll be using it a lot this year. Today I'm cooking beef stew. I like the way my solar oven cooks food evenly and gently. It's almost like cooking in a crock pot, though the temperature gets up to about 350 degrees, hot enough to bake brownies! It's nice that it doesn't use electricity. But the best part is that the house stays cooler on these hot days.

I don't have a very large back yard, so I put the oven on our trampoline. Notice the clothes hanging behind the oven.  They dry really quickly on hot, arid days.

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