Sunday, June 24, 2012

Solar Cooking

Today we are cooking a couple of things in the sun!

I'm making a chicken in our Sun Oven. I'm able to roast it without heating up my kitchen. It comes out so tender! I stuffed it with an onion and some rosemary and put it in a slightly greased pan that came with our oven. I just have to remember to move the sun oven around every so often so it faces the sun. In case you wonder whether or not the sun can heat up the chicken enough to cook it, here is a video I took of ours cooking. Do you see the juices boil?

Hubby is also using the sun to melt the cocoa butter for his chocolate. He found out that by putting it on a sunny windowsill in a jar, the cocoa butter melts well and he doesn't have to worry about scorching.

Other accomplishments today (and this weekend):

I sorted through two more boxes of paperwork and junk. Our bedroom is slowly getting less embarrassing. I found some things that Hubby can take on his trip to Nicaragua in August. If you know how much I hate sorting through stuff, you'd realize what an accomplishment this is!

Micro bio daughter sorted through our socks yesterday and worked on our backyard this weekend too! I am so thankful!

Hubby delivered more food yesterday and today to people in need. We also took a van load of food yesterday on the way to church to the people on the summit who had fires a few years ago and are still getting on their feet.

My shoulder doesn't hurt after getting prayer last night!

I picked another bowl of blackberries today. They are so good over vanilla ice cream! We will eat well today!

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