Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bob the Builder and Wendy Strike Again!

New Shelves
A few years ago, one of our hot water pipes under our slab foundation sprung a leak. Concrete slab foundations are great for earthquake country, but not so good when the plumbing is run underneath. Over the years, the pipes start to break down. We could pay someone a couple of thousand dollars to dig down and fix the pipe, but that didn't prevent a new leak from another place. So we decided to pay an extra thousand or so to have the pipes run through the attic. We had to take one of my cabinets down in order for the plumber to get to the wall, so I've had to work with one less cabinet in a fairly small kitchen for a large family. Since it costs so much for new cabinets, we've put replacing them off.

Hubby and Microbio daughter
Yesterday, Hubby went with Microbio Daughter and Photography Son's wife to the MBARI open house. All three of them love science and had a great time. I was going to go with them, but Ms. D had a bad headache and needed me to be near her. While they were gone, I ran to the lumber store and picked up some brackets and shelves. I was just too tired of not having enough room.

I could have done it myself, but this kind of job is a bit easier with help. I like to measure and don't like power tools as much, and hubby doesn't like measuring, but loves tools. So as in many parts of our marriage, doing a home improvement project together is more enjoyable and more successful than if we try to do it alone. We make a great team!

Hubby With the Drill

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