Friday, July 13, 2012

California Cavern

Hubby, Grandpa, Mr. I and I went to California Cavern after we packed up from camping. We took a shortcut over a sometimes one lane road over a mountain. I was surprised to see a few nice looking cars, so I figured I couldn't be too out of the way, but I wondered sometimes. A pickup with a large trailer whizzed by me with inches to spare as I went as far as I dared off the road next to a steep drop off. He seemed to know what he was doing, but that kind of close call would have sent me into a panic if this would have happened thirty years ago. I grew up in flat Illinois, so mountain roads used to be pretty frightening sometimes almost every time. But now, after living in the West most of my life, it takes a lot to get my heart going. Fortunately, the trailer sped past so quickly, without hitting me, so I didn't have time to get all worked up. I was so glad when we made it to a two lane road!

So we made it in one piece to the cave. It had a lot of history, having been found by gold rush miners. Of course, parts of the cave have been abused by people, but there was one part we went to that had been fairly recently discovered.
Getting Directions Before Heading Into the Cave
We really enjoyed the cave. It was a good place to go to get relief from the 100+ degrees F. weather. Since there were a few tighter squeezes and low ceilings between rooms, we had to wear hard hats. I think this is the first cave I've been to that I've had to wear one of those, but I really was glad I had it on when I bumped my head. Mr. I did well in the cave.
Grandpa and Mr. I

Hubby Locked In!
On the way back home I got a craving for something cold. It's funny how after every camping trip we can't wait to eat ice cream, or drink a shakes or smoothies, especially if it's been hot. At the first town we came to with a fast food place, Valley Springs, we stopped to eat. Everyone at the restaurant was white and knew each other. One man, who had a large tree removal business, had a long white beard, ponytail, and arms like trees. He'd be pretty scary, except when he chatted with all the other locals there, he seemed friendly and kind. The locals looked tough on the outside, with their tats and worn clothing, but soft on the inside. They were talking about the economy, job openings, the heat, and how the kids were doing. Then another person would walk in and they'd chat with that person too. We were the only people in the whole place that didn't know everyone else! One guy came who had a large pickup laying upside down on top of another pickup, and had to park out back where there was more room. Valley Springs is definitely not the Bay Area!

It was pretty hard driving home after a camping and all the hiking we did that day, but it wasn't as eventful as the mountain driving. When we arrived home, Grandma's back was doing a lot better. I'm glad she chose to rest and not go with us, since my back was feeling a bit sore. I can't imagine how she would have felt. I made chicken tacos for supper, which were really easy and one of my standby meals, and started to unpack. I must have looked as bad as I felt though, since people kept telling me to get some rest. I finally gave in. Although it's fun to camp, there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

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