Thursday, July 12, 2012


Some of our family had to go back home after the rafting trip, but a few of us went deeper into the mountains to camp. Hubby selected an awesome campground, Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Some of the best things about camping here?

Big Trees, even a redwood you can walk through.

Campsites and paths that are wheelchair and stroller accessible. Not that we had a wheelchair or a stroller, but it's great to see a place where just about anyone can experience such beautiful scenery. The paths around the North Grove were even, wide, and smooth.

A campground that wasn't too crowded and was pretty quiet, except for the noise we made, bringing a baby and a traumatized kid. The campsites were spacious. Even though we reserved and used two, because we thought we'd have at least a couple more camping, the seven of us and three tents could have easily fit in one site. We came on a Sunday evening, so we missed the weekend crowd, but it's still summer. I expected most of the campsites to be taken, but over half were empty.

Bathrooms with running water, flush toilets, and showers! Whoohooo!

Our campsite had a bed of pine needles, so sleeping in the tent was a lot more comfortable than if it was on rocky ground.

We also had a fire pit, so we were able to make s'mores! Yum! I think I'll make one in the microwave now, even though it won't be as tasty as using a marshmallow toasted over hot coals.

Every camping trip has to have something that isn't perfect. It wouldn't be a real camping trip otherwise.

There were a few mosquitoes that targeted Green Mama. Exclusively. We forgot to carry the bug repellant while we took the walk around the redwoods. Poor girl!
Grandson Playing With the Bear Safe and Mr. Spatula, His Favorite Toy
There were bear safes to put our food in. Though we didn't see or hear any, there was the possibility of bears coming around. The problem was that this fed into Mr. I's fears. He's the guy who barricades his room with his bike at night and sleeps with a pocketknife under his pillow and the light on. His sister had cramps and didn't come camping with us, so he would have to either sleep in his own tent, with Grandpa and his snoring, or alone in the van. None of those seemed like a good option to Mr. I, so he had a panic attack, hitting himself and kicking. I could tell it was a fear response, rather than a manipulative tactic, for a number of reasons. Later, when he was calm, we said he could sleep in the tent with Hubby and me. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, even though our tent is supposed to be able to hold three people. Hubby had a hard time breathing because of the tight quarters, asthma from the fire, and high altitude. Thanks, Hubby! You made your boy's camping trip a good experience!

But all in all, we had a great time! It was fun camping with Grandson. We'll have to do that again!

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