Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Day at the Beach

Today we finally went to the beach!

We had been planning to go the last few days, but things kept coming up, and we had to keep delaying. Even today I wasn't sure if it would work out. Mr. I was pretty dysregulated. I don't know if he was over excited, or anxious, or what, but he even swore when I told him that he couldn't ride shotgun. We only have five seats in the Prius. I, of course, got the driver's seat. That left three fairly narrow seats in the back and the shotgun seat in the front. Mr. I, his friend, and Ms. D are all under 5 feet one inch and under 105 pounds. Ms. D's friend is 5 feet eight inches and is a big girl. If she sat in the back, it would be tight, so I had her in the front. Made sense to me. Not to Mr. I, especially when he was on pins and needles anyway. Fortunately he calmed down enough to ride in the car with us. I think it helped that the other kids were there. He acts better in front of other people.

Ms. D Putting Talcum Powder On Her Feet
The weather was beautiful, cool and sunny. We went to my favorite beach to bring kids near Aptos. It is at Monterey Bay, so it's fairly sheltered. The waves aren't as big, the water is not as cold, and the sand gently slopes so it is safer to play in the water. Oh, and parking is free. I sat on my beach chair under an umbrella, read a book, and kept an eye on the kids.

All four children jumped in the waves, clothes and all, even the ones who said they weren't going in. This was a big step for my kids, since the feel of wet sand on their skin feels like a thousand needles. Mr. I, especially, is very sensitive to sensory overloads. We used to have to cut tags off his clothes, find socks without seams, and have him wear sunglasses and earphones to stores and crowded places. He's grown out of a lot of that, but the sand was still a big hurdle. But this time he even let the other kids bury him in the sand!
Mr. I Getting Buried in the Sand
The kids ate lunch on the beach, threw a football, and chased seagulls. They played in the water, rode the waves on the Boogie Board, and body surfed. I could hardly get them to leave after three hours. What a change from last year when they would just sit on the towels and complain about the sand! I'm so glad they had fun!

Of course, this time we came better prepared for wet sand. Mr. I reminded me to bring the baby powder because it helps to get the wet sand off his skin. It really works!

So the kids want to go back to the beach again. I'm glad, because I love the beach.

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