Monday, July 23, 2012

Fixed the Washing Machine!!!


We are really on a string of home improvement and appliance repair jobs!

Yesterday, the lid switch on our washing machine fell apart in my hands. If the lid switch doesn't work, the washing machine won't drain or spin. I was left with a load of clothes and a lot of water. This part failed a few years ago, so I knew what to do.

First, I took a picture of the broken part and my machine on my phone.

Then I went to our local appliance parts shop, A Apc Appliance Parts Company in San Jose. The guy there only needed to see the picture of the washing machine and gave me the right part. He even gave me a little advice.

Next was the hard part. I used a pitcher to drain the washing machine in order to move it away from the wall. I had already taken out the clothes, rinsed them, and hung them up to dry this morning. The plants were really happy with the gray water.

Then I realized I had completely forgotten how to replace the switch, so I looked up how to do it on Youtube. I couldn't have done this a few years ago, and would have had to decipher an appliance repair manual. This showed me how to do it much better!

Now looking at this video makes it look pretty easy. It really wasn't too difficult, but the video shows a guy working on a brand new washing machine with plenty of light and room, not one that is in a corner of a dusty garage which has a bunch of spiderwebs all around! But it sure was handy to be able to pause the video after each step. I did have to put the machine together twice, because the front didn't set right, but with Hubby's help, I was able to do it!

You have to hug these things to tighten a screw in the back!

I really need to do something with my hair soon!

Fixing the washing machine myself saved a ton of money! We now have a working washing machine after spending less than $40 on the part and less than an hour of work!

Oh, and thanks Microbio Daughter, for finishing supper for us so I could get this job done!

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