Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grandparents Visit Overview

We had a great time with the grandparents! They left Thursday after staying about a week. It seems so quiet around here, not because they made a whole lot of noise themselves, but because the whole family came over just about every day they were here. I loved it, though it took me a day or so to recover.

So during the week we puppy sat a guide dog puppy,
Took Grandma to the emergency room to check out some pain in her back from the long drive here,
Grandpa went with Hubby to deliver food twice this week,
Some of the family went to the model air show near our home,

Went rafting,
Visited Microbio Daughter's work, 
And had a bunch of family dinners.
We even remembered to take a few pictures, though only with our phones or point and shoot cameras, which bothered photography son. He has such high standards for his photography.

Grandpa also helped Hubby to install my "new to me" dishwasher,
And Grandma helped me clean the refrigerator. Thanks, Grandma! It looks beautiful!
Blackbelt Daughter was able to give lots of hugs, which is her specialty,
 And wore Grandpa's hat before he left town.
6:00 am Thursday
I am so glad that Hubby's parents were able to come down and spend some time with us! I'm also thankful for such a great family that enjoys spending time with each other.

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