Friday, July 27, 2012

Grandson Visit

Today we had Grandson over for the day while his mommy and daddy went to San Francisco for a baseball game and an overnight date. Grandson's other grandma has him tonight, but we got to take care of him during the day.

We had so much fun!

Mr. I made and fed him french toast for breakfast! He is getting easier to take care of because he's using his signs more. He told us, using sign language, when he was hungry, all done, or needed a diaper change.
 We had some of Blackbelt Daughters Friends over too, which entertained Grandson. There wasn't a minute that Grandson was bored. He even took a walk with some of his aunts and his uncle.

 He had so much fun, he took a little nap in my arms.
 He drummed like his daddy when he woke up.
 And he had a snuggle time with his grandpa!
And after his other grandma picked him up, I needed a little nap! Taking care of Grandson is fun, but is tiring!

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