Sunday, July 29, 2012

Homeschool Beach BBQ

Yesterday Hubby, Ms. D and I had fun day at the beach with our homeschool group! Well Hubby, and I did. Ms. D, even though she had a friend along, was pretty surly much of the day. She's been like that lately.

The night before Ms. D had her friend sleep over at our house. They helped hubby pick up the food for the manna mobile delivery, so I don't think she got enough sleep. She's been sleeping 13 to 15 hours a night, and so 9 or 10 was not quite enough. Add to that, her friend was nasty to her parents when she got home, and they almost didn't let her go to the beach with us. That, of course, sent Ms. D slamming doors and having a proper temper tantrum. And her friend's parents think their girl treats them badly? Ms. D insisted she wasn't going to go with us. Mr. I backed her up, and asked why she had to go and he didn't. His best friend had a birthday party and so I had made an exception for him.  I asked him who is the parent around here, and he answered right!  I am! Ms. D was going whether she wanted to or not.

Now this happened while hubby was out delivering food. Ms. D was supposed to take care of a couple of neighbor dogs and a cat that morning, but she was busy raging. And pouting. When her friend came back and said she could go after all, Ms. D had only a half hour before my planned departure time to get ready and take care of the dogs. I had informed everyone that we were leaving at 11:30. Well, Hubby didn't get home until noon. One of the neighbor dogs kept escaping after Ms. D finally went to their house, and we had to call the neighbors to see what to do. The older girls and I had to help Ms. D with that problem. After that, I had to get all the beach chairs and picnic things ready to put in the car when I had a sore back. Ms. D was getting dressed and packed, and the older girls were taking care of the neighbor dogs so I didn't have much help. I was planning on Hubby and the kids helping me load and get things ready, but that wasn't happening. So I had to do quite a bit of lifting, which didn't help my back. Then one of the ladies in our homeschool group called because her daughter needed a ride because her son had a medical emergency.  I was getting pretty frustrated by the time we got out of the house an hour after I had planned. Of course, we had to pick up the girl and there was a lot of traffic going to the beach so it took almost twice as long to get there.

But we made it! We were late, but others were later. It was a perfect day at the beach, sunny and around 70 degrees. I forgot to take pictures, but hubby took a few, mostly of water coming out of a dammed up part of the beach. I didn't go to the water because my back hurt too much walking on the sand. But I did get to chat with other moms. I don't know what I'd do without the support of the women in our homeschool group. Many of us have kids with special needs. So they didn't judge me like other homeschool groups would have when my daughter and her friend kept to themselves and acted a bit odd.

It all reminded me to work on how Ms. D treats others this next school year. She comes off as being conceited and slutty, which isn't conducive to making new friendships. She doesn't like people until she gets to know them, and she flat out tells people she doesn't like them, or minimally will scowl at them. No wonder she only has one friend and other girls in the neighborhood want to fight her!

After the beach barbecue, we had a larger gathering of house churches about ten minutes away from the picnic. Ms. D let it be known to me that she was not happy she had to go, but I was beyond caring what she wanted to do. I was a bit tired of her attitude by then.

But I'm not going to let her attitude spoil the good things that happened yesterday. I'm thankful for the beautiful weather and for being able to live so close to the beach. I'm thankful that we found a parking space very close to the picnic spot and I didn't have to walk far. I'm thankful for a wonderful, caring homeschool group and for good friendships. I'm thankful that the little girl from the homeschool group that we took was pleasant to be around and that she was able to get a ride back.  I'm thankful for my awesome church. And I'm thankful for a great family that loves and helps each other.  I'm thankful that my back is slowly healing and that I don't always have pain.

Having a thankful heart helps me to be happier about life and to be a better mother, wife, and person. Appreciation for the good and beautiful things in life, no matter how small, helps me to make it another day.

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