Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"I Want to Be a Plumber When I Grow Up."

We had to call in a plumber to fix the leak in the wall between Ms. D's room and the hot water heater. Waiting until this morning cost us only $100, but if we had it fixed last night it could have been twice that much. Fortunately, we have awesome neighbors who let us use their water overnight, though one of our daughters didn't realize they were out of town and drove to the store to use their bathroom. We needed help from our neighbors this time and they need our help other times. It all works out when you have great neighbors like we have. We had offers from two other neighbors also!

Mr. I was a bit out of sorts last night. I could tell not having water was stressful to him. He even dropped a quart of chicken soup when he got something out of the refrigerator. Accidents are more frequent when the stress level rises.

So this morning, the plumber came. He is a fairly young dad and let Mr. I help him and learn. Mr. I had a great time! Now he says he wants to be a plumber when he grows up.

 He even threw a football a couple of times with Mr. I after loading up the truck.

Thanks, Mr. Plumber, for making a good time for Mr. I. It's better than making lemonade out of lemons, because he will now look back at this not as a bad time, but have good memories!

Oh, and Mr. I, I'm not going to pay you $95 an hour for helping the plumber, even if you did a lot of the work. But nice try!

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