Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oh, Nellie!

We are having our first overnight puppy sitting in preparation for Ms. D to raise a guide dog puppy.
Isn't Nellie Adorable?
We first met Nellie last week when the lady who inspected our backyard brought her guide dog puppy in training along. Since Nellie's trainer had to go to a guide dog puppy graduation today for another dog, she needed someone to puppy sit Nellie overnight until this evening.

Ms. D is extremely happy. It's hard to get a picture of her and Nellie together, since Ms. D is going through a "I don't want any pictures of me" stage. So you can't see the joy and contentment, despite little Nellie waking her up at 5:00 am to "do her business".  Ms. D is taking Nellie everywhere! And Nellie, even though she is only six months old, is so obedient! When one of our kids asked if Nellie knows the command, "lay down", Nellie went over to the bed Ms. D made for her and laid down! She'll make such a good guide dog when she is older!

We have at least two more times of puppy sitting other dogs from our group before we get one ourselves. I don't know if the other dogs will be as wonderful as Nellie, but she is a great dog for our first overnight experience.

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