Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics and Exercise

Well, it's time for the Olympics again! I loved watching the Olympics as a child, imagining I was one of the gymnasts, swimmers, or runners. If the television had aired sailing, I probably would have aspired to that, because I raced small sailboats as a kid. But I didn't even know small boat sailing was an Olympic sport then. I guess it doesn't play well on prime time.

Which leads me to this week. Now that the Olympics are streamed on the computer, we can watch all sorts of odd events, not just the most popular few. I was happily surprised that I could watch events like field hockey, which my daughter had played, canoeing, which is something Hubby did, and of course sailing! Though Mr. I thought sailing was boring, I was able to tell the rest of the family the different strategies that the sailors were using. There was even something I had never done, which was to let the sail out and bring it in continually during a run. I don't even know what that technique is called, but it is something like using an air paddle.

Yes, I've been sitting around in front of my computer too much this week. It reminds me of the saying, "50,000 people in the stands in desperate need of exercise who watch 22 players in desperate need of rest." My back was injured last week and I'm still am in a bit of pain, especially when I lift more than ten pounds. I've walked, but not much else since last Wednesday. Watching all those toned young bodies in swimsuits really got to me this evening.  So I went to the neighbors' house and swam hard for about 15 minutes. It wasn't much, but it was something, and it didn't hurt my back. I think I'll swim and walk instead of running until I'm completely healed.

Like many things in life, the Olympics are a negative and a positive for me. The negative is that I'm tempted to sit more than I should, especially since it hurts to move. The positive is that it motivates me to get moving! Hopefully, for my body, the positive will overtake the negative!

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  1. I am sorry your hurt your back--swimming should be excellent for it! I love the Olympics too--but can't seem to get into it as much on short video clips online. I miss sitting and watching the whole "boring" flow of the events real-time when we were kids. : )