Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ordinary People

Tonight I went with Hubby and a group of people from our church to City Team to hear David Hunt talk about discipleship and church planting. Over the past three or four years, hundreds of churches have been planted throughout the world. Tonight was an introduction to the ways City Team has accomplished such rapid growth through God.

As the room full of people introduced themselves, I felt very ordinary. I wasn't a pastor. I haven't started any churches. I wasn't a big lay leader of the Catholic Church, or a teacher at a college, or a church planter. I haven't been to seminary. I don't even have a degree. I don't lead large organizations or do anything really special. I can't really say I've done more than love, pray for, encourage, and help people around me. I am an ordinary woman. Exceptionally ordinary.

But as the night went on, I learned that ordinary people have started more churches than the specialists. City Team's most successful church planter is a grandma with a third grade education. God has worked through people in wonderful ways, people who the world would think are rather ordinary. So I guess it's OK to be that way. And it might even help God to work through the ordinary, rather than those that don't need Him as much.

I can be so insecure sometimes. Yet other times I have faith that God can do anything He wants through me. It's a real struggle to break through that insecurity. But when I do, I love better. When I keep my eyes off my shortcomings, I can better see the needs of those around me. When I take the focus off my own failings, I have the energy to help lift others up. And when my eyes are on God, I can see myself and others the way He does, and my life has a greater impact on the world.

May God use us ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

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