Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rafting on the Stanislaus

Last Sunday we gathered together the family and a couple of friends and went to the Stanislaus River. Twelve of us filled two rafts. Hubby's mom had to stay home by herself because she was still hurting from the long ride down from Oregon. She had some kind of muscle spasm or pinched nerve on her side/back and had to visit the emergency room early Saturday morning. Fortunately, after a few days rest she is back to her normal self. She even cleaned my refrigerator yesterday!

At the river, I stayed on shore with Grandson so Green Mama could have some fun. What they don't realize is that Grandson and I had a ton of fun looking at the boats and people watching. I was a bit out of place, though. I was the only white person there without tats and beers! I didn't call any of my kids Rowdy, like one little boy whose behavior matched his real name. But I did learn from the river rats that when it's really hot, you can put your lawn chair in the water and cool your feet.

We met the family for lunch about half way down the river.

Grandson loved playing with the water guns!

Did I say water guns? Yes, this rafting trip didn't have a lot of white water, just class 1 rapids. We picked a milder river so that Grandpa (and Grandma who didn't make it anyway) would do well. So there was a lot of splashing, swimming, and water fights between the two rafts in our group and other rafts on the river.

Rafting is something our whole family enjoyed. I loved it that one of Blackbelt Daughter's friends, who didn't know how to swim, had a good time too.  I think this will be another fun activity we can enjoy every year. Who knows? Maybe we could get a raft or two and do it more often!


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