Sunday, July 15, 2012

Team Brake Lights

Who is Team Brake Lights?

Black Belt Daughter and I!!!
Black Belt Daughter's car's brake lights burned out, so I went to the auto parts store, paid $7, and got some new ones. Both lights were out and the car's electrical system has been a bit funky over the years. It has, after all, over 287 k miles on it! I was worried that we'd have to dig deeper and replace a switch or fuses, but lights are cheap, and it doesn't hurt to get new ones once in awhile. So we replaced the easiest and cheapest first, and worried about anything more complicated if the first thing we tried didn't work.

We did pretty well, except I got the signal lights and the brake lights mixed up. But when we started to go back to the store, Black Belt Daughter noticed that the signals were acting weird, so we parked on the side of the road and changed the right lights.  The lights worked!

Team Brake Lights rocks!

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