Sunday, July 1, 2012

We Passed!

We are one step closer to being a guide dog puppy family.

We passed the inspection!

I was pretty anxious about having the inspection because of past experiences with social services. I didn't sleep well last night. And because of a lack of sleep and anxiety, I took a nap this afternoon. When the kids woke me to say that the lady from the guide dog club was here, my heart pounded. I waited until the inspection was nearly over, and it sounded good, to emerge from my bedroom. Of course, my worries were unfounded. The lady was "totally chill", very sweet, and cheerful. She brought her six month old puppy along with her and Ms. D had fun with the dog. I wish I had thought to take some pictures!

The next step in the process is to puppy sit about three times. We'll get to puppy sit the inspector lady's puppy overnight Friday and through Saturday. We'll have the grandparents here then, but I think it will work out. Ms D is so happy!

Other things that are happening today:

I took Ms. D and a friend to some of our older kids' church this morning. My oldest son, who I will call Drumming Son, was playing drums at church. Grandson really liked watching his daddy make music! He waved his little hands just like his daddy. Of course we had to pass Grandson around between Ms. D, Blackbelt Daughter, and Drumming son, but I still had fun! There's nothing like loving on a grandchild!

We have Grandson over this evening while Green Mama and Microbio Daughter go to the Olympic trials held in our city. I'm so glad they can do something like that together.  Both love sports of all kinds, so it will be a good outing for them. Drumming Son is playing at a church in Santa Cruz, so we are having fun with Grandson. He came when the guide dog puppy was leaving, so he got to pet the puppy too.

So now I can relax and enjoy my evening. The inspection, the most anxiety producing thing I can go through, is over. We passed. Sigh....

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