Friday, August 10, 2012

Dog Days

It's sure hot out, but that's not why I'm calling this Dog Days!

Today we took Nellie, the guide dog puppy we are puppy sitting, to lunch with some of the family, to the library, and to the store. Nellie was perfectly behaved, as always. This picture doesn't show how she walked right by Ms. D's side and ignored the food all around her. I snapped this picture as Ms. D was hurrying to get from the air conditioned store to the air conditioned car that I was stopping in a no parking zone. Ms. D was going faster than Nellie knew she should as a good guide dog.
Tomorrow Nellie will go back to her puppy raiser and Ms. D and Hubby will go up to San Raphael to the Guide Dogs for the Blind office to pick up our new puppy. It is so eerily like becoming a foster parent! For the puppy raising, we had a house inspection, classes, and even did some respite care, just as we did in foster care. We know the age of the puppy, the breed, sex, and the first initial of his name, but not much else. When we picked up our kids from the shelter, we knew about as much information as we have with the puppy! All this is bringing up some of my traumatic memories of the first few months of foster care.

Between school starting late next week, Hubby's Nicaragua trip in less than two weeks, Mr. I's bike being stolen and all the emotional mix that brought to the family, and the puppy coming, I have quite a bit of anxiety. There is so much to do, and so much to plan in the next few weeks, yet I'm having a hard time being able to stay focused on any one thing. I did find the email with the PSP application for Ms. D's school though. I was so scattered, I didn't think of looking under the director's name in my email history until today. Now to remember the place I put her IQ test so I don't have to ask Kaiser for another copy of the report. Hubby thinks I'm worrying too much, and he's right, but I'm having a hard time slowing my mind down.

I need to:


And rejoice in the good things...

Like Hubby finding out today that a friend from church is going to be able to go with him to Nicaragua. He will have a partner from the USA and be able to carry more supplies down with him.

Like National Microscope Exchange that sent us a power supply we needed for the microscope in Nicaragua in less than a week!  Hubby talked to them Monday, and today it arrived with time to spare before the trip.

Like finding the email for the school application for Ms. D, and the director not chiding me for being so late.

Like the connection that happened between Mr. I and the rest of the family when we went out for lunch today. He is now talking to us in a more normal fashion, and not in a RAD way.

Like having air conditioning on a 91 degree day. And the forecast was for 99. Hot is hot, but somehow 8 degrees make a big difference. It's not even humid here in California. I have friends in Central America, and even the Midwest, that live in much worse conditions. Oh, and being able to swim in our neighbor's pool anytime we want.

Like the awesome stars I was able to see from my back yard last night when I took the clothes down from the line. I had a moment of peace in the midst of turmoil in my heart. It gave me hope I'd make it through this time.

I have so much more to be thankful for, family, God, provision, health...I have enough to be happy, and more.

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