Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Here and There

This afternoon and evening we had my grandson, who I think I'll call Little Drummer Boy, and his parents for dinner and fun. It was so nice to see them after their week long trip to Oregon. I really treasure time with my family. There's nothing like seeing everyone get along and enjoy each others company.
Blackbelt Daughter and Little Drummer Boy
Little Drummer Boy
Our time together today was so familiar and comfortable. It's so hard to think that Hubby is over 3,500 miles away at a hot tropical island in Nicaragua. I just looked at the driving directions to Bluefields, Nicaragua and I laughed. According to Google you can drive straight through. I don't think anyone told them that there are no roads to the town and you have to go on a boat or by air for part of the way. And Hubby isn't even at Bluefields, but a little island nearby called Rama Cay. Some of the houses there have metal roofs, but many have thatched. There isn't glass in the windows, or many of the amenities we in the United States take for granted, things like running water, hot or cold! Within the past few years since I have been there, the island has installed electric service. So now there is electricity for part of the day, and Hubby can communicate to me occasionally through text messages and even an email. But from tomorrow until Friday, that won't even be possible. He'll go even farther away from civilization on a small boat down the Caribbean coast to a little cluster of farms deep in Rama territory called Bankukut. His experiences the next few days will be such a contrast to what is so familiar to me. It is a good reminder for me to be more thankful for what I have, even in the midst of difficulties I experience here.

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