Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Leg of the Trip to Nicaragua

Hubby has landed in Miami and is eating Chinese food cooked by Cuban-Americans. This is probably a good call, since the food for rest of the trip will be mostly Gallo Pinto, or beans and rice. I hope he also has a milkshake, though I did find an In and Out near SFO when hubby returned last year.
We woke up at O-dark-thirty this morning and were out the door by four. Hubby's traveling buddy came last night with a little more luggage than we had planned, so we did a quick rearranging of suitcases. Traveling on this kind of trip is a little more difficult, since Hubby and friend are bringing so many supplies for Progress Tools. The red bag on top in the picture above is actually a pizza delivery bag full of pans and baking supplies for a bakery Hubby helped a man in Managua to start. Hubby was a little overwhelmed, so Microbio Daughter and I helped them consolidate two bags into one and get the weight to exactly fifty pounds. We are actually getting pretty good at this!

We dropped the guys off in plenty of time, and the trip so far is going well. Sorry for such poor pictures. But that's about as good as it gets when you ask your twelve year old son to snap a couple of pictures while you have to stay in the car. Now that there are so many restrictions, you have to sneak in a hug and a picture. Stay in one place longer than the TSA thinks you need to unload, and a bunch of security people start heading your way! What a difference between now and before 911, when I used to bring the kids right up to the gate to wish their daddy goodbye and watch the planes go down the runway.

But everything is going well so far. Mr. I and I got back home before the sun rose. Hubby made it to Miami and the tropical storm is still far away. We are having fun tracking the flight path. Right now we are talking to Hubby on the phone which may be the last time in two weeks. We'll be able to text, but phone calls are too expensive. But it will be an adventure for Hubby, and the people in Nicaragua are always so good to him. He's like family there.

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