Friday, August 3, 2012

Green Mama Gave Me a Haircut

Today Green Mama and my Grandson came for a visit. It was so nice to have them, though Rosette, the puppy, was a bit overwhelming for Grandson. I don't blame him, though. She was pretty excited to see a little human coming over just to visit her, or so she thought.

We took a walk to calm Rosette down. We had a couple of neighbor kids, one of whom got a blister. So Grandson gave up his stroller for the rest of the walk and his mommy and I carried him home. I don't think he minded much!
After lunch, Green Mama gave me a haircut in our back yard. It was so nice of her!
Here's what it looks like from the front...
 And the back.
Didn't she do a good job?
Grandson Watching
And Grandson and Mr. I watched the whole process.
It was so nice of Green Mama and Grandson to stop by!

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