Monday, August 13, 2012

Growing Guides Meeting

Yesterday I went with Hubby and Ms. D to the Growing Guides meeting.  The people there are really amazing. I guess you'd have to be in order to raise a dog through the difficult puppy stage only to give it back after about a year.

It is so much like fostering a child, so I've been having to work through some of the emotions that have come to the surface through this process of getting a guide dog puppy. When we first did foster care with the kids, we had a lot of struggles in so many areas. But because of the great needs of the children, I never really had time to heal myself and have just stuffed all those emotions under the surface. The guide dog puppy experience is bringing those emotions back. Unfortunately, with school starting later this week, a new puppy, Hubby leaving for Nicaragua next week, and Mr. I's regression in behaviors, I haven't been able to heal well this time either.  Of course ignoring it isn't working, since it all leaks out in odd ways anyway, like being on the edge of tears at church. Well, not the edge. Crying at church is more like it. At least writing about it here brings a bit of healing though.

Anyway, the guide dog puppy meeting was really refreshing because of the quality of people there. We met outdoors and after a few prelims we divided into two groups, those with older puppies, and those of us with young ones. It was nice to be shown how to care for Brewster by someone who has been raising guide dog puppies for over 25 years.

Brewster and Me Before the Class
Gathering in the Beginning
Learning a Few Things
Brewster Helping Ms. K Show Us How to Care for Puppies
Taking a Break to "Do Your Business"
"This Class Is Going Long, I Think I'll Rest My Eyes."

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