Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!

I know you won't get this until later, but I pray that God will give you a special hug today for me. Right now, I'm sitting at home after a busy morning of housework, puppy training, giving a friend some coolers for the food distribution Saturday, and preparing to homeschool the kids. You are most likely on a little dugout boat, with a tiny motor and a bunch of people, on the big Caribbean Ocean on your way to Bankukut, Nicaragua. I have been enjoying the cool morning breeze and had a warm shower, while you are in the steamy heat with no shower. And though I would have preferred to spend the evening alone together to celebrate 33 years of marriage, in a way this day is more fitting.

Why more fitting? Because while I'm holding down the fort, you are making the world a better place and impacting so many people. We are so different in personality. You are an introvert who is also a risk taker. I am all about security and am energized when with people. You think in pictures, I think in feelings. Together we make a strong team. Alone, we wouldn't get much done, but you and I, together with God, can move mountains. 

So today, I hope that you will be safe, happy, and be a blessing to the Rama people of Bankukut. And although there can be no communication between us until you return from the rain forest in a few days, I pray that God will shower his love on you and the Rama. I am so proud of you, that you would give up so much to follow God's path. Life is so exciting with you!

Happy Anniversary, Hubby! You are the best man for me.

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