Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"I Didn't Do Anything!"

Right now I'm pretty upset at Ms. D.

She said she was going to take Rosette, the guide dog puppy, for a walk with her friend, M., about 12 or 12:30. I thought that was a good idea, since the puppy needed a nice walk. Ms. D knew the rules, stay on the sidewalk, don't let her near strange dogs, and no going into stores. I expected the walk, even with delays to take no longer than one hour.

About 2:30, Rosette was due to have some time to "do her business" in our backyard. Guide dog puppies are not supposed to relieve themselves while they are working and need regular potty breaks until they are old enough to have more control. It was close to the two hour window, so I walked to the park, and the stores, and the friends house to find Ms. D and Rosette. No Ms. D or her friend. No Rosette. I could have missed them at the park, so I went back home in case they came back. They didn't.

When hubby came home at 3:45 I asked him to look for Ms. D. She was at the park and a group of scary guys were just over the hill from where she was. Oh, and her friend was gone because they "had a fight." I was pretty upset when Hubby took her home. Do you know what she said when I asked her what she did all that time?

"I didn't do anything!" Oh, and she also sobbed and shook like a leaf. And took a shower.

Ms. D said she went to M's house. But I told her no one answered the door. Ms. D's friend called while hubby was checking out Ms. D's story and said that they were just hanging in the park.

I don't trust either girl. I thought I could trust them with a short walk with a dog, but I was wrong. It's sad, because M is Ms. D's only friend. Ms. D doesn't like the nice girls and the bad ones are always trying to get her into fights. Oh the joys of raising a teenager with FASD. No sense! I hope we all survive this decade!

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