Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's Start With a Cute Puppy and Girl Pic

Aren't Ms. D and Brewster Cute?
This is one of the good times we had today. It was a mixed bag, of course, but mostly good. We have had a lot going on, but today was better than yesterday.

It started with dropping Blackbelt Daughter off at her friend's house so she could help the family with a lacrosse tournament in the LA area. They'll make a stop at Dizzyland too. She hasn't gone since she was four and now she's 22. We haven't been a big amusement park family, especially since getting the youngest kids. Amusement parks + over-excitement + RAD + FASD + trauma history = a bad time for all.

Then it was off to take hubby for a six month checkup appointment after his surgery. I'm glad he's getting everything looked at before his trip. The kids did well alone, taking good care of the puppy, though Mr. I was a bit out of it when I came back.

Which brings me to how the second day of school went. It didn't go very well, but it was better. Mr. I wanted an online math program. I thought it was pretty good, but he didn't like the way the guy talked and didn't put much effort into it. He got a 50% on the first, easy quiz, which isn't very good. But he spent most of the time during the video complaining about how stupid it was. I have a 14 day free trial. I'll see how well he does with it after his attitude settles down. A kid who is dysregulated from a change in routine and FASD doesn't learn very well. The brain is stuck in a fight or flight response. The higher learning and decision making part of the brain are just turned off.

Mr. I had a hard time today making decisions. My brother in law called to take the kids to miniature golf this evening. Mr. I kept changing the story of a friend's birthday party. It's tonight, it's tomorrow, it's both but he doesn't want to go to tonight's because the friend's cousins will be there, he doesn't want to go paint balling tomorrow and will just go to the cake time afterward, no, the party is tonight... You get the picture! Finally I just told him we will go with my brother in law tonight. No more changing the times. I'm not going to do all the work of arranging different schedules only to have things messed up by a kid who isn't thinking straight. Mr. I is just is too overexcited about school starting, the birthday party, and the uncle visit to make any decisions at all.

So tonight hubby will stay home with the puppy. I'll go with the kids with my brother in law to have fun. Microbio Daughter can meet up with us when she is home from work. And then I can go man the taekwando table at the open house for  Blackbelt Daughter. Things will work out and we'll have fun!

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