Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nellie is Back!

Nellie is Back! Isn't she adorable?

Microbio Daughter With Nellie
She has grown so much this past month! She will make someone a wonderful guide dog someday, if all goes well.

We are puppy sitting Nellie for a week. She came just as we dropped of Rosette for the weekend with another family. Rosette will come back tonight for a day an a half, so we'll have two guide dog puppies at once. The two dogs love each other, so hopefully all will go well.

We have had a good weekend. Friday night, after we dropped Rosette off, we went to my oldest son's house to watch the Olympics. It was so good to be together with most of the family. Ms. D stayed home with Blackbelt Daughter and Nellie. Thanks, Blackbelt Daughter! I took the plunge and signed Mr. I, Microbio Daughter and myself up for a 5K run in September. I think all the sports and family time got to my brain!

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