Wednesday, August 29, 2012

News Blackout from Rama Territory

Right now we are in a news blackout from Hubby as he travels to Bangkukut in Rama Territory in Nicaragua. Yesterday he traveled beyond the reach of cell phones or any other form of communication. I think there is occasional radio contact for emergencies, but the equipment, as far as I know, is now broken. It's one of those times when I have to really trust God and our Rama friends to take care of him. There are many things that can go wrong, but a lot more that can go right. Ervin, Hubby's friend and main contact from Rama Cay told me that the ocean was pretty calm yesterday and it was a good day to travel. The Rama are excellent sailors and boatmen, so I know they understand when it is safe to travel and when it is best to stay on land.

While Hubby is there, he'll visit people in remote farms, deliver some supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste, Bibles donated from our church, and a DVD player with solar power so that people can watch educational videos. The people there don't get many visitors from the outside, so it will mean a lot to them that Hubby came back.

The news blackout is affecting us here. I can't call or text Hubby if Mr. I acts up and needs his dad to talk to him. I can't email Hubby asking him to check his business account to see why there wasn't enough funds to cover a check he gave me. It might have taken the bank an extra day to clear a deposit, or something else went wrong, but I can't access that information without talking to Hubby first.

It's a little easier for me this time to picture what Hubby is experiencing. He brought back so many pictures and videos of Bangkukut and Cane Creek last year. Maybe that's why I'm not as anxious, but I hope it's because I'm learning to trust more.

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