Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bringing Home Brewster

Yesterday Hubby, Ms. D, and Microbio Daughter picked our guide dog puppy, Brewster, from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Raphael. They provide guide dogs for people free of charge and need more people to help them in many ways, including raising the puppies until the dogs are between 13 and 18 months old. Because my dad became blind when I was eleven, and we have a few blind friends, one of whom was just denied a guide dog, I am glad we are doing this. It will be hard for Ms. D to give up the dog, but she will learn some important skills. She wants to work with dogs when she becomes an adult.

Here are some of our first pictures of Brewster:
Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Entrance to the Kennel

Love at First Sight

Getting Instructions on Feeding
Brewster and Ms. D

Getting in the Car
Coming Home
We had church at our house an hour after they arrived home and we still had Nellie, the puppy we were taking care of during the week. So Brewster came home to a very busy house. I don't think he minded it one bit though. He's such an easy going puppy!

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