Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Planning, Preparation, and Packing

Oh, and a little procrastinating on my part!

This week is full of all these P words.

Hubby is preparing for his trip to Nicaragua next week.  He'll be going with his nonprofit, Progress Tools, to check on some new small businesses, bring tools, computers, and solar equipment, and to encourage the people in Nicaragua. He'll be going with a friend from church to a remote part of the Caribbean Coast to visit some people in Rama Territory. Yes, he's planning on going on another dugout dory trip on the ocean in hurricane season outside of cell range! Another highlight will be to attend the graduation of a Rama friend, who is the first Rama to obtain a Master's degree.
Luggage Bound for Nicaragua
But a trip like this takes so much planning and preparation. Hubby wasn't planning on coming this year because of finances and his health problems last winter, but God has been working things out and providing. So Hubby's been working hard to get things together the past couple of months. He's had the suitcases handy to pack equipment as he received them. It's been taking up room in our living areas, but it is the easiest way to make sure everything goes that needs to go. Other preparations he's had to do is to order parts for a microscope, have a computer fixed, and gather bakery equipment. He also has had to coordinate the plane tickets and plan his itinerary for both himself and those traveling with him. And he can't forget to do all that needs to be done at work and home so that things run smoothly in his absence! There is so much for him to do. No wonder I've already noticed an extra load on my plate!

I've had to do some preparation and planning too. We start our homeschool year Thursday. I've also done a little procrastinating. When things get stressful, I tend to do that, which isn't something I'd recommend! Things run more smoothly when I plan ahead. With kids that have special needs, I have to be flexible. There's nothing like a day full of meltdowns to ruin the best of plans. I find I can't plan too far in advance, but I do need to have a general idea of goals and schedules. Hopefully I'll have a little help this year for Ms. D. We've hit a wall academically since most high school curriculum requires quite a bit of higher level thinking. Ms. D can memorize fairly well, but to have her analyze a piece of poetry or do an algebra problem is almost impossible. But I'll have to plan on how to get her to the point where she can be a functioning adult as much as possible. It will take a lot of wisdom and prayer to accomplish that goal.

It's good to plan and prepare for much of life. Budgeting, time management, ministry, parenting, home improvement, cleaning, car maintenance, disaster planning, menus and groceries, and more need so much planning. Planning, I must admit, isn't one of my strengths. Unfortunately, I have relied on a quick mind to make decisions as I go. I'm thankful for that, yet as the pressures of all we are involved with build, I am finding that I need to make more of an effort to plan ahead. I haven't been a very organized person, but life is forcing me to be more organized. And with the increase in organization, I hope I can be more fruitful with the time and resources I have, and be a bigger blessing to those around me.

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