Sunday, August 19, 2012

Puppy Man Cave and Too Much Going On

Here's Brewster getting used to his Man Cave:
Well, it's just a crate, but Hubby told him he could post pictures of cars, sports, or other manly decorations on the walls if he wants. I think it's just fine as it is. We are having to get him used to a crate, and he doesn't mind it too much as long as we are right there. It will be nice when he can stay an hour or so alone in it so we aren't as tied down. As it is, someone has to be with him at all times, which makes it hard to get some laundry or yard work done when the kids aren't here. It's one of the skills he has to learn at our home too, in addition to things like sitting, walking on the left side, and doing his business on command.

We are counting down the days to Hubby's trip to Nicaragua. There is so much to get ready, and the kids are feeling the extra stress. I'm feeling the extra stress! I feel like kicking Brewster out of his man cave and squeezing in. OK, I wouldn't fit. Maybe I need to get my own man woman cave, but there isn't much available space in our house.

Other things that happened this weekend after the Uncle visit:

My oldest son and family drove up to Oregon and someone banged into the back corner of their car. No one was hurt, and the car was drivable, but it did shake them up a bit. Mr. I was so sweet and immediately asked how Grandson was. He felt bad right after when he realized he didn't ask about Drummer Son or Green Mama. Mr. I explained to me that Grandson is little and the others are big and can handle things better. The rest of their trip was fairly uneventful and they made it to the farm just fine, though later than they had hoped.

Blackbelt daughter is in the LA area and worked fourteen hours at a lacrosse tournament yesterday and more today. I think they go to Dizzyland tomorrow.

Hubby checked the beehives before his trip. The ones on our roof are pretty healthy colonies.  The one in the other neighborhood didn't make it. So sad!

We've been trading off taking care of Brewster. He can be a handful, though he still is really good for his age. He's already losing his little butterball look and is starting to stretch out. It's amazing how much you can see changes every day. 

I went with Hubby and a woman from church yesterday morning to deliver food in the "Manna Mobile." Of course this time the manna mobile was our Caravan, since we needed more seats for people. It was good to go out and see the different places that Hubby goes to deliver food. I think we'll be able to do it fine while he is gone.

Hubby and I went to church last night and I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping to have some prayer for our family and Hubby's trip, but a new guy was the focus. I don't mind focusing on new people, especially people going through as much as this guy was. I guess part of the problem was that it was more appropriate for the men to interact with him and the only other woman who showed up was the person hosting the night. She had her hands full as it was, so I didn't ask her.  We also went overtime so I didn't feel right asking for prayer too late in the evening. But there are so many things that happen before a trip, and we really need more prayer cover. I'll just have to email people to remind them to pray for us. I'll also remember to always make even a little time for needs to be met or prayer requests if I'm leading a small group. It's not like going to a big church where everything is scheduled and you don't have opportunity for that kind of thing. One of the reasons we have house churches is to be more accountable, pray for each other, and interact more.

Microbio Daughter took the kids to her church this morning and they saw the African Children's Choir. I had seen them in the 1980's and was glad that my kids were able to see them today. Ms. D was especially touched, showed us a little video she took, and talked about it a lot, at least a lot for her. Mr. I is still in a bit of a funk and thought their dancing was "too simple." I can't wait until we find our old Mr. I again. Did you see him? If you find him, tell him we miss him and he's always welcome home!

Well, I've been escaping through my blog long enough. It's not the same as a man cave, but it did help me to sort through some things. Now I need to do some cleaning, organizing, and laundry. I am definitely not looking forward to that, so I might have to put on a timer. It's amazing what can be done in 15 focused minutes.

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